Our Story

We are a team of enthusiasts working towards a common goal i.e, bringing education and innovation on a common platform.

As kids, all of us might have seen the world from our sparkling eyes. Many of us might have had dreams of building a 'flying car' ,' diving deeper into the working of machines' , 'soaring higher in the sky' , ' exploring the space' and what not?

However, we hardly realize when do we shed these dreams on the way. As we grow old, we become a part of the rat race, i.e, obtaining marks, and mugging up syllabus of the exams.We don't pay attention to our innovative brain and ultimately kill our innovative thoughts.

We make several sacrifices every day, our parents toil every single day for our bright future, we take 'n' number of examinations and face hundreds of competitions with a vision of getting our 'dream job'. Many of us actually do get it, but it turns out to be no different than a 9-7 pm job, which demands you to be glued to your desk. It leaves no scope for enthusiasm, zeal, passion or even time for oneself, friends or family.

We aim towards modifying the current scenario by training students of young age. We wish every student be able to 'innovate', 'invent' and 'infix' their ideas into their lives, ultimately, emerge out in flying colors.

Our Amazing Team


Anshul Agrawal

Founder, Rancho Labs
Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Aman Kumar

Co-founder, Rancho Labs
Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Rohan Yuttham

Robotics Head, Rancho Labs
Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi
Overall Coordinator, Robotics Club,
IIT Delhi

Tanay Aggarwal

Developer, Rancho Labs
Computer Science Engineering
MSIT, Delhi

Harshita Agrawal

Core Team Member, Rancho Labs
Economic Hons.
Delhi University

Divya Jain

Marketing Manager, Rancho Labs
Kota University


Content Developer, Rancho Labs
Delhi University


Mail us at labs.rancho@gmail.com